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Privacy, Compliance & Security


Advanced Privacy settings allow full control over users’ accounts and stories.

Search Engines - Users can choose to Block search engines from finding their stories

Third party tools - users can choose to allow or refuse StorifyMe to use third party tools to diagnose and fix issues faced within the account. If a user chooses to disable this option StorifyMe team might not be able to diagnose and fix the issue the user might face.

Audit Logs

With Audit Logs you can see the change history and track who made the changes, by Item Type, User, Action and Date. Users can Export all Audit Logs in a .csv file.


Due to GDPR, users can Choose whether or not they want to collect and store the anonymized IP addresses (classified as personal data under GDPR) of your viewers.

Tracking of Story analytics - users can choose to enable or disable StorifyMe to collect story analytics.

Cookie Consent Dialog - users can enable or disable Cookie Consent Dialog in stories.

Additional compliance and security checks

StorifyMe has additional information about security, if you are interested in this please reach out to and we will give you additional information.

Compliance, storing of data & hosting

Enterprise users can choose whether they want their data to be stored on StorifyMe servers or on their own servers.

Hosting - users can choose to self host their stories and their analytics

Keeping data with StorifyMe - users can choose between our US and EU servers.

StorifyMe is available in US and EU regions

Did you know that StorifyMe platform is available in both US and EU regions. If you are Enterprise customer, feel free to reach out to and we will give you additional information.

Hosting of zero-party data - users can choose to store zero party data on their own servers or StorifyMe servers.