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With Analytics, users can track the overall account performance.


Branding feature allows users to set up their branding assets within seconds and stay on brand throughout all stories.

Custom domain

All stories are shown on StorifyMe domain by default (eg.


Each story can be added to a website or to the app, but distribution options don’t end there!


StorifyMe story editor lets users create stunning stories. With drag and drop functionalities even the most complex stories can be created with a minimum amount of effort.

Media Asset Management

Media asset management allows storing of rich media assets, making it accessible while creating stories. Supported formats for images are .jpg and .png and .mp4 and .mov for videos.


In order to configure StorifyMe platform, we suggest that you go ahead and:

Users & Permissions

Bringing on your co-workers on board is done through the Team feature. Users can invite team members and choose roles for each member. Each member and each role can have customized access and permissions, together with login methods.


Widgets allow adding stories to websites or apps.