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Introducing StorifyMe

StorifyMe enables everyone with a website or an application to easily communicate with their website or app visitors through engaging and interactive stories.

Stories are compatible with websites, native IOS and native Android apps, and can be shared on any marketing channel, including SMS, Email, Social media channels, QR codes and NFC.

Mobile and Web

Stories are meant to be mobile-first, but can be seen even on the Web, in a mobile format.

Story Usability

Stories can be used for user onboarding, visual manuals, featuring products, emphasizing certain points in the app or on the website, cart overview at checkout, internal communication, sales decks…
There are countless use cases of how stories can be leveraged.

Rich Media Format

Each story can contain text, photos, videos, engaging elements, custom elements, emojis, GIFs and the mix of it all, and there is no limit to the number of rich media used in a single story.

Main Components

  • Account Setup
    • Branding
    • Custom Domain
    • Login Methods
    • Team Setup & User Permissions
    • Asset Management
  • Security Setup
    • Login Methods
    • Server location
    • Data storing methods
  • Story Editor
    • Widget Creator
    • Story Editor
    • Personalization
    • Dynamic Data
    • Segmentation
  • Story Distribution
    • Share via Link
    • Publish on Website
    • Publish in App
    • Download Zip
    • Download for Social Media
    • Share via QR code
    • Share via NFC
  • Analytics
    • Data overview of all stories
    • Data overview of a single story
    • Data overview of a single user