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The concept of Stories

Story is an immersive media format that can be contained of text, photos, videos with subtitles, engaging elements, animations, custom elements, emojis, GIFs or the mix of it all. Every story that is created can be an AMP story or a custom story.

Stories example

The length of a story is set to 6s, if the auto advance option is enabled, or until a person scrolls to another story, if the auto advance option is disabled. The story duration can be unlimited: if a video is included the story will last for the duration of a video, if animation is included for the duration of the animation.

Slides can be set to auto advance to the next slide.


Each story can have interactive components and engaging elements, such as:

  • CTA button,
  • Swipe Up,
  • Product Tagging,
  • Quiz,
  • Quiz with Results,
  • Poll,
  • Poll with results,
  • Open ended Question,
  • Slider,
  • Rating,
  • Timer.

CTA button has different options, each serving different needs:

  • Send to URL
  • Add to Cart
  • Call from Story
  • Email from Story
  • Jump to Slide (for dynamic user path)

Each part of every interactive element can be fully customized to match the branding needs.


Story Configuration

Each story has a unique name, handle, proxy URL and a set of tags that can be manually added, together with a unique SEO description and author name.

Posters (featured images) can be manually uploaded for each story, in order to control how the preview of a story looks when shared via link.

Story resharing Resharing of a story can be enabled or disabled and users can pick platforms on which their visitors can share the experiences with their friends.

Custom Code Users can add custom code and override how stories should look and behave in both custom StorifyMe stories or for Google Web AMP stories.