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Widget styling and customization

The best way to style and customize the widget is using StorifyMe Widget Editor, which is a visual tool available inside StorifyMe platform.

SDK specific styling

Adding loading animation

You can set a default loading animation while the story widget is loading, here is the example code:

storifyMeWidget.setWidgetLoadingAnimationStyle(enabled: true)

and to set your custom loading view please use:

storifyMeWidget.setWidgetLoadingAnimationStyle(type: .custom(view: YourLoadingAnimationView), enabled: true)

Custom font

Download the font, it should be in .ttf format, maybe some others will do. Place it somewhere in the project you want.

In Info.plist you need to set

  • Source code
<string>Finger Paint.ttf</string>
  • Regular view

Add view

Opening story animation

Stories presenting can be customized by setting StorifyMeStoryViewerOptions.

The default behavior is listed below and can be easily customized.

options: StorifyMeStoryViewerOptions(
thumbnailItemOpeningAnimationDuration: 0.2,
thumbnailItemClosingAnimationDuration: 0.2,
storyPreviewerOpeningAnimationDuration: 0.2,
storyPreviewerClosingAnimationDuration: 0.2,
enabled: true))

If for some reason you want to disable the animations, just use the code below.

options: StorifyMeStoryViewerOptions(
enabled: false))