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Personalization with StorifyMe

In case you want your stories to be dynamic and to show different content to different users you would can do that in a few simple steps.

Just map your dynamic personal data in StorifyMe Admin app, and after you provide it with the SDK, the stories would automatically change and adapt to the user that is consuming content making them feel VIP with stories built just for them.

Before you begin

You need to have the working StorifyMe setup as described in Initial SDK Setup

Set customerId for User Actions Tracking

To track user actions within the StorifyMe Widget, such as when a user clicks on a poll or performs any other action, you can set the customerId using the following steps:

widgetId: WIDGET_ID,
customerId: 'customer-id-example',

By setting the customerId for user actions tracking, you enable the StorifyMe SDK to capture and provide information about the specific user actions performed within the widget. The customerId can be used to identify the user or correlate their actions with specific events or data in your system.

Set personal and dynamic data

Enable dynamic personalization of elements using StorifyMe's Dynamic data feature in the app. Then, map the personal fields with the elements.

From the SDK, easily pass personalized data through to dynamically modify and adapt text, images, videos and other elements and provide a tailored user experience within your application for your user.

The personal or dynamic data can be using the following steps:

widgetId: WIDGET_ID,
dynamicData: [
dynamicIntegrationId: 'example-dynamic-integration-id',
data: {
'first-example-key': 'first-example-value',
'second-example-key': 'second-example-value'